Car Driving Test Parking Simulator - Auto Renn Spiele Kostenlos

Car Driving Test Parking Simulator - Auto Renn Spiele Kostenlos

Car Driving Test Parking Simulator - Auto Renn Spiele Kostenlos

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BMW M5 F10 City Car Driving Simulator G27 300 Km/h Big Crash Ending !!!

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City Car Driving with Logitech G27

Do you have what it takes to drive these high performance cars to the limit? Prove it… on the Test Drive Proving Ground! Park, Race and Max Out FOUR incredibly cool cars - with accurate handling and precision driving take these motors for a spin around the authentic and realistic Car Testing Zone.

Park and Race your way around hundreds of intense missions! There are ‘Speed Events’ and ‘Precision Driving & Parking’ missions to mix it up… it’s two worlds of driving in one game!

Go faster to master the race circuits in quicker sports and supercars!

It’s not ONLY about speed. Can you FIND your way to collecting 2 hidden stars on every level?

Race against the Worlds best times and compare your rank with the online leaderboards! Can you be the best test driver?

The Main Game Mode is 100% FREE to Play, all the way through, no strings attached! Extra Game Modes that alter the rules slightly to make the game easier are available through In-App Purchases. Each mode has separate GameCenter leaderboards to make for totally fair competition!

▶ 4 Cool Cars to Test Drive!
▶ Loads of Intense Missions to fully test the performance of your cars!
▶ Realistic Car Proving Ground location to Dominate!
▶ 100% Free-2-Play Missions!
▶ Customisable Control Methods (Tilt, Buttons, Steering Wheel & NEW MFi Game Controller Support)
▶ Multiple Views (including Bonnet Cam)
▶ Extra Easier Game Modes available as optional In-App Purchases
▶ Runs on anything from or better than the iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad Mini & iPod Touch (4th Generation)

Neue Funktionen von Version 1.0.1

Small bug fixes.